All What You Need to Know About Copper Slag


Today, it is very easy to find copper slag for sale at almost any construction supplier service. However, the bag that contains the product does not provide information about how this material was created, its components, and other useful information that helps you to evaluate if copper slag blasting is worth using when compared with other sandblasting products that is also used for the same purpose. The main uses including cleaning, removal, repair and maintenance of surfaces with signs of rust, old paint, mill scale, dirt removal, etc.


The typical contents of copper slag is not of any value for the average individual that is simply looking for an effective blasting product, but it is information that could be of value for expert works that require the certainty that their chemical components will not produce a reaction with other metals and materials used in a cleaning process. Such components by percentage weight are FeSiO, 3 93.97%; Free Si, 0.1%; CaO, 3.0%; MgO, 0.53%; Al2O3, 1.7%; and Cu, 0.7%.


Copper slag suppliers can provide you with further information on the quality of the byproduct and its abrasive properties. But in overall terms, copper slag is one of the fastest rust removals that is characterized by its high hardness and great efficiency for any project where blast cleaning is necessary, being probably the best rust cleaner for the industrial, petrochemical, construction and hydro-electrical industries. This slag is also used in shipbuilding, concrete construction, road pavements, and in the manufacturing of organic-bonded abrasive tools


Most slag suppliers offer low prices and copper slag in different grit sizes including 8/15, 8/30, 10/20, 10/25, 10/30, 14/20, 16/30, 30/40, 30/60, 60/80, 80/100, and 120/120. Although, suppliers can also get you a grit to meet your specific blasting requirements. As opposite to harsh abrasive products, the slag for sale does not harm the environment nor human health, as it is a free silica product.


Other physical properties of copper slag that professionals might be interested to know include its angular shape, bulk density of 1.8-1.9g/cm3, and specify gravity of 3.3-3.9 g/cm3, and a PH value ranging between 6.2-7.0. Copper slag is a black color material, which Hardness Moh’s is 6 to 7, with maximum moisture of 0.2%, a conductivity of 25mS/m max, and water-soluble chloride at a maximum of 0.0025%.


A less common applications of copper slag includes metallurgical operations, and it is used by steel manufacturers, shipyards, tank builders, offshore oil rigs and, naturally, refineries. With all this information, it is easy to understand why copper slag is earning popularity among other abrasive products of different kinds that are still used for blasting cleaning, but tend to be replaced by copper slag in the short terms.