Copper Slag

Copper Slag is by-product or waste stream from the production of copper. The smelting process produces a glass like substance that will settle on the top of the melting copper and is basically the non-copper impurities being separated. The slag is then skimmed off the melted copper and delivered to a “slag heap” or slag dump where it is left to cool. Once cooled the slag is broken up with heavy machinery, cleaned up and used for multiple industrial purposes which we will discuss. Years ago, the copper slag was considered a useless waste stream and it was covered up or moved and buried. In the late 1990’s there was a movement to reuse industrial waste streams when possible. Slags have always been used in some capacity for simple construction purposes such as roads and back fill. Only in recent years have the uses for cu slag expanded and this is due to research and the need to keep materials out of landfills or possibly causing environmental issues with by-products.

We are currently seeking distributors of our bagged 7/8″ slag stone for the Wisconsin and Minnesota markets, please contact us for information and samples.

Large volumes of semi-processed copper slag is available in a large market area, the Midwest U.S. Please contact us for further details, Contact Us.

Copper Slag Sand Blasting Media White Label Opportunities.

New Market for Copper Slag Media

The market for copper slag as a sandblasting media is on the rise, driven by its advantageous properties and growing awareness of sustainable industrial practices. As industries worldwide seek more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions for surface preparation, copper slag is emerging as a preferred choice.

Copper slag’s high abrasiveness and durability make it highly effective for removing rust, paint, and other coatings from surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning and surface profiling. This efficiency translates into faster project completions and significant savings on labor and material costs. Furthermore, the ability to recycle copper slag multiple times before disposal enhances its cost-effectiveness and appeals to budget-conscious businesses.

The environmental aspect of using copper slag, a byproduct of the copper smelting process, is particularly compelling in today’s eco-conscious market. By repurposing this material, industries contribute to waste reduction and promote circular economy principles, aligning with global sustainability goals.

As regulatory pressures and environmental standards become more stringent, the demand for greener alternatives like copper slag in sandblasting applications is expected to grow. This emerging market is not just a reflection of copper slag’s practical benefits but also an indicator of a broader industry shift towards sustainable and responsible material usage.

Copper slag has many industrial uses that range from basic construction materials to fine high quality sand blasting media. Quality copper slag has been compared to coal slag for its versatility in sand blasting. Raw copper slag must be processed from its raw form to meet the high quality and safety standards needed for the sand blasting media market. This marketplace was valued at 9 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to grow at a pace over 5% in the years to come. This is an excellent opportunity for companies looking to expand into this marketplace. Saucon Minerals is offering a trusted and proven supply of high-quality raw copper slag for this market. We can assist potential customers with an ongoing supply as well as processing information and equipment recommendations.

What We Offer

Used copper slag for sale USA, Copper slag for decorative stone, sand blasting media and a unique copper sand that is perfect for use in roofing shingles.

Saucon Minerals has also developed our copper slag into a potential decorative stone product. This unique material offers value and versatility for use in commercial and residential landscaping needs. Currently Saucon Minerals has completed a trial bagging process and we have samples available upon request. This material is an opaque shiny black rock ranging in sizes from -7/8″ to -3/8″ and even down to a fine sand size. Please Contact Us for further information or samples.

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